Why You Should Call a Roofer Before Your Insurance Company

Your roof has to go through a lot and unpredictable and notorious weather is something inevitable. This is particularly true if you live in an area where storms are common, due to which your roof is likely to have a short life span. That is why maintaining your roof is not only important to improve the curb appeal of your house, but also to avoid several other issues like leakage and moss. 


That is to say, as a home owner, your first goal should be to protect your property by maintaining its value and appearance. Whether it is rain that has caused damage to your roof or it has started leaking due to a storm, many property owners call insurance companies. Although calling insurance company is natural after this, unfortunately, it is not the right solution to this problem.


To put it simply, it is not the insurance company that can quickly fix your damaged roof, but a roofer.  Before you call your insurance company, you should call a roofer who will not only assess the roof damages, but can directly deal with insurance companies as well.


Why calling a Roofer Before an Insurance Company Is Beneficial?

You might have heard it first time but calling a roofer before insurance company to assess the damages is really beneficial. Most roofing companies are in sync with insurance companies and frequently work with them. They can help you in understanding the insurance estimation processes. Plus, it ensures that no insurance company takes advantage of your lack of knowledge.


Help You Deal with Insurance Companies

Filling claims via insurance is undeniably a painful and tedious process and may take a lot of time.  Contacting your roofer is the right way to avoid all these matters. It is one of the best ways to establish your ally to help you successfully negotiate with your insurance company. Reputable roofing companies can deal with everything from paperwork to estimating the right insurance amount.


Roofers are Experts

Always remember that insurance adjusters are just company employees and do not have expertise to assess your roof damage. A roofer, on the other hand, is an expert who can assess damage and guarantee an accurate and thorough inspection of your roof damage.


Moreover, a roofer does not only look for minor damages on the surface, but he assesses your roof for big damages like underlying water leakage problems as well. Insurance adjusters often overlook these serious attic damages that may deteriorate your roof’s condition.


Once a roofing expert inspects the condition of your roof, roofing company sends a claim with an accurate appraisal to the insurance company.


Saves Your Time

Claiming insurance is not only confusing, but a time-consuming process and may leave you frustrated. By calling a roofer before your insurance company, you can conveniently avoid this fiasco as they will settle down everything and save you whole lot of time.


Bottom Line

Overall, calling an insurance company after a roofer inspects the damages is the right way to fix your roof damages, adjust insurance claims and repair deep water issues and leakage.



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