Most Important Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Signing a Contract

There is no denying that choosing the right roofing contractor to install your roof properly is not less important than using high-quality material for repair or replacement. Although most reputable roofing companies hire reliable and expert craftsmen, it is crucial to make sure you have hired the right contractor.


To avoid being left at the mercy of an inexperienced roof contractor, asking him the right question is critical. Do not worry if you are hiring a roofing contractor for the first time and do not know what should you ask. The questions given below may help you accomplish this task.


What Should You Ask A Roofing Contractor Before Hiring?

1. How long have you been in the roofing industry?

There is no doubt that you want an experienced roofer who has dealt with all kind of repairs and installation processes before. That means a roofing contractor preferably should have ten or more years of experience in the roofing business.


2. Do you have a license? Can I see that?

It is one of the legal requirements as many states require roofing contractors to have a license, which is issued by Department Of License And Regulatory Affairs. Not only does it make sure your roofing contractor is working legally, but it also help you verify the status of the company you intend to hire.


3. Do you have liability and worker compensation insurance? How will you deal with the situation if your worker damages my home or my roof falls off?

Insurance coverage like liability or worker compensation covers employees as well customers in case of any injury. If the roofing company is not insured, an injured worker can sue you as home owner to cover their wages and medical bills.


4. Are you on surety bond? If yes can I have the copy?

It is a very important question as most roofing contractors are on surety bond. It may cover you financially in the following circumstances:

  • If your contractor fails to finish the work and you need to hire another roofing contractor
  • If the contractor does not pay its crew or sub contractors
  • If contractor fails to obtain the work permit and the county bills you for it
  • If your home is damaged (the bond covers the damage before insurance coverage)


5. Can I see a list of old clients / references?

If your contractor is reliable, providing details of his old clients will not be a problem for him. Check with at least 3 to 4 clients the contractor has served, especially over the course of last six months. It will help you determine the success rate and work performance of the roofing contractor.


6. What is your payment procedure? How much deposit do you charge?

Before hiring the contractor, you should know how the company handles the payments. Never hire a roofer who charges you full payment in advance.


Bottom Line

Overall, hiring a good roofing contractor will definitely save you from tons of legal and financial issues that may arise if your contractor is new or fails to meet your expectations. The aforementioned questions are helpful in making a well-informed decision.



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