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Your home’s roof is one of the most important features. It protects your home from all types of damage due to the elements. When your roof is damaged due to a storm or simply because of wear, you need professional repairs from Primetech in Houston. Primetech in Houston is a leading roofing and construction company with years of experience and expertise. We are available to handle emergency repairs, installations and maintenance on all types of residential and commercial roofs.

Roof Repairs

When you find that you have a leaky roof, call Primetech in Houston. We are experienced in locating the source of the leak on the roof so that it can be properly repaired. You don’t need to put up with a damaged roof. If your roof is old or has been damaged due to a storm, you need to get it fixed as quickly as possible. You don’t want to sustain further damage that can harm the structure itself.

Immediate roof repairs can be completed quickly when there is an emergency. Our team of highly skilled roofers will be dispatched to assess the damage and provide an immediate repair. If a major repair is necessary we can provide temporary repairs to keep water out until the roof can be properly fixed. When your roof is old and leaky due to wear and tear, it may be time to get a new roof.

New Roof Installations

A full inspection of your roof by a qualified repair technician will determine the extent of damage to your roof and its condition. After careful assessment, the roofer will explain the available options. Sometimes it is more cost effective to install a new roof than to have to continually make repairs on an old roof that has reached the end of its useful life.

When you choose a new roof installation you will have options that include appearance and performance. You will be able to choose the exact style of roof that is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time provides your home with superb protection. Our expert representatives will assist you in choosing the best roof for your home.

A new roof will also be much more energy efficient than your old one and you can save money on your utility bills. You will also find that the new roof won’t require much maintenance and it will protect your home from damage from storms.

At Primetech in Houston we use the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure that your new roof looks good, performs well and lasts a long time. We offer fast response in emergencies and are here to assist you in making sure your home remains safe and dry.

In addition to our reliable professional roofing services, we offer competitive, affordable pricing. We are a top-rated roofing company in the Houston area. We offer expert roofing services coupled with excellent customer service. We make sure that your project is completed on time and in budget, regardless of how small or large.


Primetech Houston
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